Privacy Policy

Our cookie and privacy policies represent steps taken by the company to enhance your browsing experiences and enhance the privacy and confidentiality of sensitive data keyed in on the website. Our privacy and cookies policies will be applied to any form of data or information that is processed on both the website, and Toys Boutique mobile application. Therefore it is important to be updated with the features in both platforms.

The company purposes of using these cookies in three main ways, including: 

  • Tracking orders and deliveries
  • Our cookies and privacy policies are also intended to:
  • Protect your data confidentiality by monitoring how it is being shared, collected, and used. 
  • Enhance your safety as a user as you navigate through various features and while accessing online search engines to be sure that the data provided is not used as recourse for insecurity.
  • Key information outlined in our cookie statements include:
  • What types of cookies are used on the website;
  • What information these cookies gather;
  • How the website uses the collected data;
  • What parties may have access to the collected data and what measures have been established to protect this assembled data;
  • How users may withdraw from the policy should they feel strained by it. 

Once you provide private information to our support channels or continue using the website by redirecting to other sections of the site or scrolling down, we would assume that you have automatically consented to the site’s conditions and terms of use, as stipulated in the privacy and cookies policies. Although the company’s privacy and cookies policies will continuously be updated, it is the responsibility of our users to determine and note various changes made.  


Information We May Collect

The company and all its affiliate service providers, website consumer service channels, shareholders, affiliate sites, and parties within the supply chain will collect the information offered by website users and customers through the leading digital portfolio, in live chat, and via email. Other information on potential consumers that can be collected by company-appointed service providers regardless of whether a user makes a purchase or registers to the site will encompass:

  • Personal contact details, including the email address and contact number, full names, gender, shopping preferences, date of birth, nationality, delivery address, and billing information.
  • The web information, including a user’s domain or IP address, items selected for purchase, type of browser used to access the website, information on the location, and other pages that a user had visited.
  • Data on the transactions made by a user, including requests for product customization, date of delivery, and canceled orders.  
  • Third-party payment and couriers information.
  • Other forms of data gathered through product registration, competitions, and offline surveys.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

The Toys Boutique collects data when a visitor register, login or link the account with Google, Facebook, Apple , Twitter. It collects the following data: email address, name, social provider identifier and access token. Also it can collect profile picture.

Who we share your data with

The Toys Boutique stores the personal data on The Toys Boutique database site and does not share it with anyone except the access token which used for the authenticated communication with the social providers (Google, Facebook, Apple).

How long we retain your data

The Toys Boutique removes the collected personal data when the user deleted from The Toys Boutique Website.
To Delete your account including all data on The Toys Boutique Please contact us.

Does the The Toys Boutique use personal data collected by others?

The Toys Boutique use the personal data collected by the social providers (Google, Facebook, Apple) to create account on The Toys Boutique website when the visitor authorize it.

Does the The Toys Boutique store things in the browser?

Yes, The Toys Boutique must create a cookie for visitors who use the social login (Google, Facebook, Apple) authorization flow. This cookie required for every provider to secure the communication and to redirect the user back to the last location.

Does the The Toys Boutique collect telemetry data, directly or indirectly?


Does the The Toys Boutique enqueue JavaScript, tracking pixels or embed iframes from a third party?



Important Notes To Consider

We would also ask our consumers to note that payment card details are only collected to process business deals between the following parties;

  • the company
  • affiliate service providers 
  • consumers
  • We do not save payment details on the users’ accounts.
  • The company takes a special interest in protecting details on clients’ credit cards. The first step is to deny access to this information by the company employees. 
  • The transactions on user’s credit cards will only be accessed and managed by our legally authorized, professional, and certified partners who are trusted to offer advanced security to users’ payment processes. 
  • Consumers who choose to provide confidential information belonging to third party users are expected to have the necessary permission to do so, and they would play their part in enhancing the confidentiality of information throughout the transaction period. 


The primary types of cookies that are used on our website are:

  • First-party cookies. These are small files sent by the company’s server to consumers’ access devices and computers, alongside other technologies that the company can use to interact with consumers in the near future. 
  • Website functionality cookies that are applied by the business to enhance browsing experiences for users; they include aspects that are crucial for consumers using the shopping cart features. These cookies record user’s shopping selections with regards to how they fill or empty their shopping carts, and use this information to determine buyers’ preferences the next time they visit the site. The web functionality cookies are not harmful since the data they possess cannot be altered. Moreover, they contain no malware or viruses that may influence the functionality of the computer or any device used for browsing. Before subscribing to our main websites or those of third-party vendors affiliated to the organization, please go through this cookie policy statement to check on what kinds of information they provide on the website. Website to determine the type of information that the company will collect and use to enhance consumer interactivity. The main types of consumer data gathered by the website functionality cookies include a user’s location and language and selection preferences that are used to customize advertisements. Another type of cookies that are used on our portfolio is the website analytics cookie that is used to determine the frequency and time span with which consumers utilize the website. This cookie is especially useful in establishing challenges faced by customers while on the site, and resolutions that must be implemented to enhance interactivity and further improve the experiences. 
  • Customer preference cookies that are used to capture trends and patterns in consumers’ browsing, which are later remembered for ease of access. Key information that customer preference cookies can also record for future reference includes name, language, location. The main types of cookies that fall under this category include advertising or targeting cookies that present to consumers only advertisements data that is relevant to them. Besides, these cookies help regulate the number of times that website users can see an advert, alongside assisting the company in determining the efficiency of advertisement campaigns. 

The website also uses third-party provider cookies that are often provided by affiliated vendors and agencies or individuals within the supply chain. The company may authorize associate businesses or stakeholders to place technologies such as web beacons and cookies on the website to enhance consumers’ experiences. These third-party service providers assist us in offering safe, fast, and better experiences, alongside reducing the chances of fraudulent activities. By continuing the use of our website, a user automatically consents to the provision of third-party cookies on their computer and other access technologies anytime that they visit the main website or that operated by partnering organizations. 

In case one feels the need to delete cookies that have been placed on their access devices by the company or its third-party vendors, it is imperative that they seek assistance from the designated digital support team by the company. In addition, customers can check their internet browsers for information on how to access cookies directories or files and terminate their functionality. By disabling or deleting cookies, it may be impossible to redirect to certain features on the website.

How the Company Uses the Information

The company and all affiliated organizations use collected consumers’ information as listed in the “Who May We Share Information With” section. The information will be used to: 

  • Facilitate the completion or verification of our clients’ orders through processing service requests presented by our consumers. 
  • Execute and confirm monetary transactions made through the website, including but not limited to fraud detection and credit assessment.
  • Help website users make queries or offer valuable feedback concerning a service or products that they requested.
  • Facilitate individual account verification.
  • Offer consumers with an improved and customized shopping experience.
  • Carry out both statistical and analytical procedures.
  • Market company goods and products using promotional communication portfolios between our business partners, customers, and all affiliated websites using remarketing advertisements and newsletters.
  • Enhance the efficiency, reliability, and credibility of all services offered through the company’s website. 
  • Integrate users’ data with information that is legally in the company’s custody to enhance the safety and ease of site navigation.
  • Facilitate legal processes as required by law. 
  • The company may also avail of a live chat functionality that assists our clients with any queries that they might be having. In most instances, customer care and relations departments may opt to Secure the privacy and confidentiality rights of everyone connected through the site.
  • record and store conversations between support and clients for future references and facilitate any improvements necessary as per customer service regulations. 

The “Who May We Share Information With” feature has been founded to enlighten users on key parties that will be allowed access to clients’ information. The company reserves the right to share information with: 

  • Selected gift providers or recipients chosen by our consumers.
  • Trusted and reputable insurance, financial, audit, and legal service providers working for or with the company to address relevant challenges.
  • Municipal, government, and state law enforcement or regulatory representatives.
  • Potential purchasers, software developers, or company assignees.
  • Agencies or individuals performing operational, developmental, and maintenance functions on our behalf, including order or service processing, marketing and advertisement, couriers movement planning and coordination, logistics and warehousing, information technology management, and consumer billing. 
  • Third-parties who have had a productive and enduring relationship with the company may be allowed to share data, especially for the purpose of improving the efficiency of browsing processes and marketing. 
  • Options for reaching us for any suggestions, complaints, or queries

Individuals who would like to reach us to inquire about a single or all aspects of our cookies and privacy qualities may do by sending us an email on .

After the first subscription to use our company’s website, registered users will be required to confirm whether or not they want to receive emails for marketing and information purposes. As such, users will also be consenting to the receipt of newsletters and marketing emails. Nevertheless, anytime a customer receives a marketing bulletin via direct mail, push notifications, short message services, and email, the company also allows them the right to terminate these forms of communication. Besides, our customers may choose to adjust or change their marketing preferences by following up with us through the provided business email address. The company also allows users to request the correction of any inappropriate data that may have been mistakenly keyed into the system. 

Data Protection Measures

Our company has taken several steps to ensure that we provide advanced data protection. First and foremost, all sensitive and private data collected from users through the website, including name, contact details and physical address, are stored on protected servers. Customers have a key role to play in maintaining the confidentiality of passwords selected to log in to the secure digital domain. 

Additional steps that will be executed to further safeguard our credibility and reliability include: 

  • encryption, 
  • auditing, 
  • appraisal, 
  • data substantiation processes.

These measures have professionally been integrated into the design, operations, and execution of routine digital processes as part of the company’s dedication to data confidentiality and privacy or information-sharing requirements outlined in the law. Regardless of the steps taken to maintain customers’ data privacy, we regret to confirm that the protection of information shared by consumers via the internet cannot be completely attained. Thus, individuals who opt to share private information via the internet or public servers will be doing so at their own risk. 


Please note that the company will not be held liable of any information or data shared with third-party websites that are not affiliated to us. Our privacy and cookies policies, as specified in this document, is not in any way similar to those used by other websites. Therefore, we urge our consumers to carefully review other cookies and privacy policies before registering and continuing the use of other websites to ensure they are in agreement with their terms and conditions. When internet users visit our site through their browser, they will be met by a prompt message informing them that our website and mobile applications use cookies to improve and make browsing experiences worthwhile. We define cookies as information provided by a web user to a browser, whose primary objectives are to spot a user and personalize their web pages.