Barbie – Barbie Doll And Scooter

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Barbie Doll With Scooter

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3 years & up. Cruise around in style with Barbie! She is ready to hit the road in her cool pink and white scooter that features a silvery kickstand teal basket on the back, and wheels that roll. Barbie is wearing a fashionable outfit and accessories plus a pink helmet to keep her safe while riding. Get your road trip adventure underway by placing Barbie on the scooter, lift the kick standard push to get a story started. The scooter has a clip on the seat and handles on the handlebars to hold the Barbie doll in place while riding Barbie doll features bendable knees for a realistic effect. Included: 1 Barbie doll

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5+, 6+, 7+

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