Brush Baby – Dental Wipes Banana Flavour

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For Babys Hygiene

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Starting from an early age, cleaning the baby’s gums helps create a healthy environment for new baby teeth. Brush Baby Teeth Cleaning Wipes have a gentle formula and unique texture to clean sensitive gums and baby teeth when teeth are not brushed. It does not contain fluoride and paraben. It cleans gums and tiny teeth. It tastes like banana. Contains xylitol. Usage: Use after meals as part of your baby’s daily oral care routine. Take the handkerchief out of its packaging, remove the packaging and place it on your index finger. Wipe the gums and around the tongue and inside the cheeks. The wipes are for single use only. Formulated with Xylitol to combat decay-causing bacteria. Individually wrapped and sterile for hygiene purposes. Use before your baby has teeth and with first teeth. Gently wipe over gums, tongue, cheeks and baby teeth at least once a day. Product Dimensions: 10.4 x 6.6 x 6 cm

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