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The Brush-Baby FirstBrush is an ideal starter toothbrush for you to brush your baby’s first tiny teeth, giving your baby a gentle start to toothbrushing as part of their daily grooming routine. If your little one likes to chew their brush, try giving them the Brush-Baby Chewable Toothbrush to chew on first. You can then use the FirstBrush to finish the job yourself afterwards. Small, light and is easy to use at brushing time, the Brush-Baby FirstBrush is perfectly designed to take care of little mouths. It is has a tiny brush head with soft bristles, making it a great alternative to traditional toothbrushes that have larger heads or bristles that could be too hard for delicate teething gums. The tiny brush head is just the right size for little baby mouths and the lightweight slim handle is comfortable in adult hands, making it easy to get around delicate gums and teeth. A perfect baby shower gift for expectant mums, the Brush-Baby FirstBrush is perfect to look after first tiny baby teeth. BPA-free and tested to EU standards. Three colours available: Teal, Blue and Pink. Packaging materials – PET/Cardboard – widely recycled. Product materials – PP Handle, Rubber, TPR bristles – recyclable.Once your baby’s first teeth appear you’ll need to clean them twice daily, even if they only have 1 tooth The First Brush – designed for adults to clean their baby’s first tiny teeth. Long handle which is comfortable in adult hands. Small brush head suits first baby teeth. Soft-bristles, gentle on delicate gums. Suitable from 0-18 months.

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