Emily’S Ice Dancing Show

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This magical picture book tells the story of Emily, a little girl who watches graceful skaters on an icy pond and wishes she could skate with them. She gathers her courage and gives ice skating a try, but quickly finds out how difficult it is. She struggles and wobbles, and finally loses her balance and has a fall. But Emily doesn’t give up. She begins to make progress when she goes to skating class, and after much practice Emily is ready to take part in an ice dancing show. Each of this attractive book’s illustrations includes tabs for young readers to pull and wheels for them to turn. These features add movement to the illustrations and animate Emily’s progress as an ice dancer. The book’s final two-page spread presents a spectacular pop-up, in which Emily, star of the ice dancing show, actually performs a spin before a cheering audience. HARD COVER: 10″ X 10″. 8(POP-UP) pages

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