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This Large Farm House Playset is the centerpiece of the Schleich farm World. It includes a host of accessories and functions for hours of fun! Next to the living area with a kitchen, dining area, and bedroom, there’s the stable, which provides plenty of space for the animals. There are detachable roofs and opening and closing roof windows, plus a secret flap in the roof! The hay and feed can be transported to the loft for storage using the winch and moved from there through the hatch to the animals. The stable area with fences and paddocks sports a modular design and can be assembled as you wish. The Schleich figurines are exceptionally detailed, lovingly painted, and have movable arms and legs. With 2 human figures, 7 animals, and lots of accessories, children can play and learn at the same time! The playset is compatible with the Schleich hay conveyor and tractor, which are available separately. It includes a barn, a house, female farmer Laura, male farmer Pail, a cow, a calf, a donkey foal, a dog, a cat, a mini-pig, a mouse, a neckerchief, a crane with feed claw, 6 fence pieces, 4 paddocks, a balcony, a flower box, a ladder, a water hose with mount, a dining table, a bench, an oven, wood, a sink, 2 plates, 2 cups, a dog bowl, a double bed, a mattress, a duvet, a broom, a pitchfork, a feed box, a wheelbarrow, hay that can be picked up, 2 hay bales, 2 straw bales, a carrot, an apple, and a sticker sheet. Wow! Age: 3 – 8Gender: unisex Package Weight : 3.25 kg

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