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Horse Club Toy Set

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The new stable building is ready, and with its green doors and pink windows, it looks incredible. Lissi and the other girls can’t wait. The horses are in big stalls, and they have bales of straw and feed, but they all want to ride out first! This amazing Horse Club Riding Center Playset features a roof with paddocks that become an open riding arena, a moveable roof window, fence parts that can be connected in any way, hay racks, drinking troughs, a tack holder, and more. Plus two horses and a rider figure. It’s tons of fun!The playset includes a riding center, 12 paddocks, 2 flower boxes, an Arabian mare, an Arabian foal, a leisure rider, a leisure saddle, a bridle, blanket, a headstall, hay, 4 hay feeders, 4 drinking troughs, 4 saddle holders, a beige massage brush, a harness, a hoof pick, a grooming box, a carrot, a green apple, a pitchfork, and a sticker! Age: 5-12Gender: female Package Weight : 4.7 kg

4.7 kg

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