Konfidence – Float Suit Clownfish (4-5yrs)

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Swim wear for Kids

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KFS03-B-05The Konfidence Floatsuit is our more traditional approach to providing adjustable buoyancy for your little swimmer sand kids learning to swim Our designs range from the rather chic Breton Stripe inspired Original Floatsuits to the fun and funky clownfish UV protective Sunsuit style. All have the built in 8 float buoyancy system that gives a boost to the wearer’s natural buoyancy. allowing the development of swimming technique or simply having fun in the water. Detail: Adjustable buoyancy allows you to tailor it to your child’s weight to ensure that they are not under- or over-supported in the water.30 upf sun protection for sun protection on all covered areas when worn outside. Quick-drying stretchy Lycra provides both comfort and convenience. T-shirt top design on selected float suits offers 50 upf sun protection and additional protection across the shoulders and upper arms.

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