Konfidence – Jacket Small (18mnths-3yrs)

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Swim wear for Kids

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KJ01-03We designed the Konfidence™ Jacket to have 8 removable foam floats. These allow the buoyancy to be tailored to the wearer’s needs and ability. We chose neoprene for the shell as its super soft, stretchy and flexible properties make it really comfortable to wear and looks terrific too. Another added bonus is the 100% sun protection it gives to the wearer. We use top quality neoprene (wetsuit materials) as this gives the jacket its distinctive softness and stretch-ability. We chose soft Lycra for the binding of our Konfidence™ Jackets to reduce chaffing after long periods of use around the arms. A good chunky, self-locking YKK brand zip is standard on our Jackets. And this comes with a Velcro zip retainer to discourage little fingers playing with the zip pull. When originally designing the Jacket back in 1997 we wanted to make sure it gave plenty of protection from the sun. So we extended the shoulders to make them wider, and brought the back up to the neckline to give maximum sun protection. 2- 3yrs old.

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