Polly Pocket – Catus Cowgirl Ranch Compact

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Polly Pocket Tiny Ranch Compact

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It’s time for tiny fun in the sun with Polly Pocket! Take this adorable Cactus-shaped Pocket World on the go and have a fun-filled ranch adventure with micro Polly and Shani dolls and their 2 cute horse friends! Open the compact to explore and reveal these fun activities: a barn door opens so you can place a doll or horse in it; spin the barrel and Polly or Shani doll can ride around on the horse 360 degrees; the corral fence has a gate that opens; you can have fun with horse jumps (raise the gate a little higher for more challenging jumps); Polly or Shani dolls can fit in the hot air balloon for a ride (moves up and down); move the lizard to make the cacti move; and when it’s time to relax, the girls can sit on the bale of hay. Get along little partners! The Pocket World Cactus Cowgirl Ranch compact also comes with a strap so kids can wear it as a wristlet or purse! With Polly Stick technology, the micro dolls can stick anywhere on the compact. Place a sticker from the sticker sheet (included) on the compact and the dolls will stick to the sticker wherever placed. Compact is small enough to take anywhere, anytime for fun Polly Pocket adventures. Age: 4+Gender: female Package Weight : .280 kg

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