Polly Pocket – Pollyville Airplane

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Polly Pocket Airplane

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It’s time for Passport Adventures with Polly doll and her friends! With the Pollyville Airplane vehicle, micro Polly doll has the perfect way to travel and visit all kinds of destinations! The top of the plane opens to reveal the interior that can seat 3 passengers! A door at the back opens to the restroom area, the luggage compartment opens and a ramp flips down to exit the plane. Accessories include a food cart, luggage and vanity case to play out the in-flight and landing fun! Create even more stories as you build out and customize your world with Pollyville tiny hangouts and vehicles! Collect them all (each sold separately).Age: 3+Gender: female Package Weight : .100 kg

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3+, 4+, 5+

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