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Get ready for splashy Polly Pocket fun at the Pollyville Super Slidin’ Water Park! Micro Polly and Shani dolls are so excited for a day in the water! They head to the freestanding ticket booth to get their tickets and then the locker room (door opens) to change. Now it’s time to make a splash at the water slide with real running water! Take the purple seashell and fill it with water, then place it in a hole at the top of the slide and squeeze! Wow–water runs down all 3 slides! Place Polly doll in the blue elevator and press the door – whoosh — Polly doll goes down the slide! Put Shani doll in the innertube and she slides down the winding slide! Also place the seashell filled with water in the top of the jellyfish –squeeze — and the jellyfish fountain flows with water! Fill the bottom of the playset with water and the dolls can float around in their floaties! So cool! When the girls need a break, they can grab an ice cream at the cart, relax in the beach chair, keep an eye out in the lifeguard chair, swing in the hammock and get a refreshing drink at the tiki bar! It’s so much fun at the Super Slidin’ Water Park! Playset includes micro Polly and Lila dolls, water park with 3 slides and jellyfish fountain, ticket booth and locker room and accessories. Age: 4+Gender: female Package Weight : .600 kg

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