Roommates – Cinderella Glamour Peel & Stick Wall Decal

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For those who love the Disney classic that will long fall in love with it through this new to the Immortal Fairy Princess Tale. These drawings are used to create a fairy tale scene on the wall, spread them one to several walls or to decorate smooth surfaces such as doors, windows, mirrors, furniture, and much more. Ease of installation by means of a way to add glamor and beauty to any room in just minutes. Includes two sheets of 18 wall stickers, shaped like letters and jewels. Special Effects: Glossy. Printed on transparent material. Suitable for any color wall phone. Just peel and stick. Movable and portable. blue color. Made in the USA. Made of small sheets: 40 cm. Width x 9 cm. Large H. sheet: 40 cm. Width x 18 cm. Total Height: 29.5 in. Width x 40 cm. H. How to apply wall stickers. Bring a little bit of glamor to any room with these cheerful, easy-to-use wall stickers and Cinderella.

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