Roommates – Princess 3D Border With Viewer

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Bring the elegance of your favourite Disney Princess into your room with this magical wallpaper border. Application is easy: simply dip each pre pasted roll into a bit of warm water, then bring it to the wall to apply. The water activates the paste, so there’s no fuss and no mess. Check out the coordinating Disney Princess wall decals and side walls for even more magic in your room. Border 3d – Princess-Roommates Can Be Used Over And Over, No matter How Many Times They Are Applied To The Surface, And They Won’t Damage Or Leave Any Glue Residue On The Wall.-Roommates Works Anytime …Roommates – Over time they keep the same shine as when they were purchased indefinitely, which does not happen with the other stickers. Roommates has its own team of designers to always be ahead of the market with new licensed and unlicensed releases. Roommates have a sophisticated process of cutting the edges of each drawing so that when installed they have the appearance of a photo, the white outlines not appearing like the common stickers.

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