Rubies – Infant Lil Pumpkin Costume

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Revel in the spirit of the season with a costume that screams Halloween for the whole town to hear. The Lil Pumpkin Baby Costume is a proven classic that will really get everyone in the mood for some wholesome trick-or-treating this year. Pumpkins and Halloween are so inextricably tied that it’s probably the first thought that comes to mind when you think of either one, so why not lean into that with a costume that’s perfect for babies looking forward to joining in on. A happy pumpkin face is printed over the chest showing everyone that is a friendly pumpkin. A character headpiece is also included making for a green leaf top that provides a welcome splash of natural color that really helps add to the cuteness factor. Designed for their comfort, they should feel just right in this snug little ensemble. Hooded Hamper Size: Toddler 1-2yrs (2-4 USA size)

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1-2 years



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Toddler 1-2yrs (2-4 USAsize)

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