Rubies – Infant Police Costume

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Protect and serve the community this year by unveiling its newest police officer? Your child! They’re a rookie with a lot to prove but we know that they’re up to the job. Give them a uniform that’s ready to hit the streets and pick up their very own Police Baby/Toddler Costume. Watch how well they serve the public interests this Halloween with a costume that’s modeled after the actual real-life outfits that these important law enforcers wear every day out on the job. It comes in a friendly shade of blue and features a policeman’s badge prominently on display. Jumpsuit, Hat and Stuffed Nightstick Size: Infant 6-12mths (1-2 USA size), Toddler 1-2yrs (2-4 USA size)

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0-12 months, 1-2 years



Children Size

Infant 6-12mths (1-2 USAsize), Toddler 1-2yrs (2-4 USAsize)

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