Rubies – Kids Pirate Boy Costume

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Avast yee land lubbers and feast your eyes upon this mighty ship that’s been sailed. Cast the anchor and be ready to pillage as your little daredevil becomes a pirate in a Kids Boy Pirate Costume! Your kids are sure to be snatching up the sword and musket to find rich and fortune buried hundreds of leagues below the sea. This swashbuckling costume accentuates the pioneering spirit of pirates of centuries prior while still remaining safe to use in all sorts of events. Have your little pirate terrorize the town when dressing as a seafaring discoverer of riches and fame! When your little pirate throws this bad boy on, they’re never been the same again in the eyes of an early shot at becoming the next Jack Sparrow. Order your little pirate a Kids Boy Pirate Costume today for the next family outing or costume party this year! While supplies last! Size: Small 3-4yrs (4-6 U.S.A size), Medium 5-7yrs (8-10 USA size), Large 8-10yrs (12-14 USA size)

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Large 8-10yrs (12-14 US Size), Medium 5-7yrs (8-10 US Size), Small 3-4yrs (4-6 US Size)

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