Rubies – Kids Eensy Weensy Spider Costume

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Dress your child up as their favorite nursery rhyme this Halloween, in our Eensy Weensy Spider Children’s Costume! This costume will make your child want to climb up the water spout when they go out trick-or-treating? Let’s hope it doesn’t rain on Halloween! The spidery legs on this costume will be funny and cute, especially when you see how the strings attached let your child move all of them at once! You can have hours of fun reciting the popular children’s rhyme while your child acts out the verses in their costume. Top with Attached Legs, Headpiece, Leggings, Cape. Size: Xsmall 3yrs (2-4 USA size), Small 3-4yrs (4-6 U.S.A size), Medium 5-7yrs (8-10 USA size)

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2-3 years, 3+, 5+



Children Size

Medium 5-7yrs (8-10 US Size), Small 3-4yrs (4-6 US Size), Xsmall 3yrs (2-4 US Size)

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