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Horse Club Toy Set

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Welcome to the Horse Club headquarters! Whenever there’s a puzzle to be solved, Hannah, Lisa, Sofia, and Sarah meet there, and the area beneath the removable roof becomes a shelter for their horses. The girls sit around the folding table and make themselves comfortable on the beautiful cushions. We wonder if they’ve discovered the secret compartment yet! The removable roof turns into a horse stable and many parts are functional, like the foldable table, movable shutters and doors, tiltable parasol, and pillows made of real fabric. For more play, the caravan can be attached to the pickup (sold separately)! Plus, just look at all the accessories below: This amazing 15 1/3-inch long x 9-inch tall Horse Club Camper Caravan Playset includes a girl, an Andalusian mare, a squirrel, a caravan, 2 paper lanterns, a ladder, a chair, parasol, a patio table, a sofa, a living room table, a lamp, a flower box, a rope ladder, 2 winner badges, a saddle, a bridle, reins, a halter, a hay rack, a currycomb, a body brush, a bale of straw, a bucket, apples, 2 pillows, a camp fire, a bottle, 2 spits with sausages, 2 mugs, 2 cups, a key, a potted plant, 3 tree trunks, a sticker, and assembly instructions! For even more fun, collect and play with all the finely detailed Schleich Horse Club playsets and figures. They encourage children to play and learn at the same time! Each sold separately. Age: 5-12Gender: female Package Weight : 1.5 kg

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