Spin Master – Kinetic Sand Slime Lab Activity Kit

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Kinetic Sand Slime Toy

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Make your own Kinetic Sand slime with the Sand Slime Lab! This all-in-one kit has everything you need for super slimy fun! Follow the easy instructions to mix up a batch of slime, and customize your slime how you want! Mix and match drops of coloring and add in the included white Kinetic Sand to change the texture. Make thick or thin slime, and you can even add your own small objects from home – like glitter, beads, googly eyes – for one-of-a-kind Kinetic Sand Slime! Stretch, squeeze and squish your Kinetic Sand slime with the Kinetic Sand Slime Lab Activity Kit! It’s so satisfying! Ages 8 and up. Unisex Package Weight (pounds): .75Age: 6mths +

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