Toddlekind – Playmat Nordic Petroleum

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Floor coverings

Made of safe materials / Designed in Germany (Vintage Nude) With a soft, safe and cosy play area for your little toddlers, you’ll be stress-free. These playmats are a plush 1.2cm thic-perfect for playtime for your little toddlers, and easy on your knees. Wipe clean foam – easy to care for and saves you time in the laundry room. Limitless layout possibilities – Arrange the tiles as you like to create endless looks with our Nordic design. Durable design – these playmats are perfect for little toddlers and parents too but beware- high heels or pets claws may cause damage. Sizes Toddlekind playmats are comprised of deluxe 60cm x 60cm tiles which each include edging bonders that give a seamless rug-like-look. Not only are the tiles easy to assemble, but the size for every home is available. Multiple packs can be joined together to cover any space. STANDARD – 120 x 180 cm (1 pack / 6 tiles) – Includes six (6) 60 x 60cm tiles and twelve (12) edging bonders. LARGE – 180 x 240 cm (2 packs / 12 tiles) – Includes twelve (12) 60 x 60cm tiles and twenty-four (24) edging bonders. EXTRA LARGE – 180 x 360 cm (3 packs/ 18 tiles) – Includes twelve (18) 60 x 60cm tiles and thirty-six (36) edging bonders. PLAYROOM – 240 x 360 cm (4 packs / 24 tiles) – Includes twenty-four (24) 60 x 60cm tiles and forty-eight (48) edging bonders. Weight: 2.20KG.

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