Vtech – Starlight Sounds Polar Bear

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Make your little one look like this cute and fluffy polar bear this polar bear. It features 4 operating modes, lighting control button and adjustable volume dial. This kit improves manual eye communication and improves tactile skills. Color improves visual pigmentation skills. This group develops engine skills and creative thought. It improves touch skills. Encourages motor skills and manual eye coordination. Improves visual visualization skills. Quality is good. Star sounds polar bear. Projects a calming rhythmic starry night sky onto the ceiling in four different colors. Plays 3 lullabies, 7 nursery rhymes and more than 50 melodies to calm and soothe your baby. Voice sensor activates calming music when your baby cries. Volume and timer controls let you choose how loud and long The sounds play. Automatic shut off to preserve battery life. Product dimensions: 30.48 x 15.24 x 16.51 cm; 403.7 grams.

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