Worlds Apart – Skoot Ride-On Suitcase Red

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For all mini fashionistas, the Skootcase is a ride-on scooter and pull along suitcase that makes travelling with kids easier and much more stylish. Designed like a cool Italian scooter, the Skootcase is a ride-on with fully functional steering and enough room for your child’s favorite things. The sturdy rubber wheels are great for any surface, from zooming around home, around the neighborhood or through the airport. The carry-on sized Skootcase fits in a plane’s overhead bin and features a sturdy tow strap that makes it convenient to throw over your shoulder. The Skootcase stores enough for a weekend away with clothes and their much loved teddy. Children will love having a special storage space all of their own. Winner of Dr. Toy’s Best Vacation Products Award. This red 2 in 1 Skoot suitcase is both practical and fun. It will be very appreciated by toddlers for going on vacation: its funny shape will allow him to invent a new game by climbing on it and he can store his things as well as his treasures. Authorized as hand baggage to take the plane. Carry handle. Handlebars for easy handling. Rubber castors. Capacity: 13 liters. Seat height: 26 cm. Tow rope.

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