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Swap your boring pencil case for one that’s full of personality and clever design. Made of one long zipper, the ZIPIT Animals Pencil Case features three distinct animal personalities that will make you smile. The colored pencil case measures approximately 8.6 (220 mm) in length, 3.5 (90 mm) in height, and 0.78 (20 mm) in depth. We’ve sized it just right so you can toss it into your backpack or purse to carry all your essentials including: School supplies Office Supplies Electronics Pens and pencils Money and more. It’s a Perfect Gift. ZIPIT Animals Pencil Case makes a unique gift that is playful, fun and practical. The cute characters and clever design makes it something your friends and family will be thrilled to receive. Be sure to order a few extras and you’ll always have a perfect gift on hand for any occasion. ZIPIT-We’re Global. ZIPIT is available in over 30 countries. We work hard to design practical products your whole family will love. Every ZIPIT Animals Pencil Case is carefully made, goes through a multi-stage quality assurance process, and comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. It is our hope that by creating products that are clever, fun, well-designed and accessible, we can ignite creativity and inspire our customers to unzip their minds and never stop dreaming.

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