BabyWorks – Waterproof Mattress & Sheet Protector

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Mattress Protektor

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The Baby Works waterproof mattress and upholstery protector protects your child’s mattress and keeps the bed sheets dry throughout the potty training period. No more stripping in the middle of the night. 100% waterproof with a non-slip back that fits under or over bed sheets to protect mattresses from moisture and stains. The soft, padded surface in cotton and polyester comes with inserts for a comfortable and comfortable fit of any size of mattress. It’s highly absorbent and fadeable, machine washable and dryer safe. 50% cotton, 50% polyester. Imported. HYPOALLERGENIC ULTIMATE POTTY-TRAINING COMPANION: Tuck-in flaps are east to secure to any size mattress to ensure the potty-training “”zone” is covered from overnight accidents! PORTABLE & EASY TO TAKE ON-THE-GO FOR ANY SIZE MATTRESS: Measures 33″ x 29.5″”/ 85cm x 75cm and designed specifically to fit all mattress types and sizes including: Twin, Toddler, Crib, Pack ‘n’ Play and mini portable crib. PREMIUM COMFORT: 3 layers of soft & quilted polyester and cotton blend which is comfortable, highly absorbent, bacteria resistant, odorless and hypoallergenic. MACHINE WASHABLE & DRYER SAFE: The quilted hospital-grade fabric washes perfectly time and time again! No shrinkage, tears or rips!

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